Providing your team with an effective combination of quality Learning Management LMS and Performance Management System PMS platforms is vital when you’re in any business. However, being involved with the bioscience industry makes these two program options even more crucial.

Most bioscience organizations have many working arms that make efficient operation possible. The start of an effective organization is at the training and onboarding level.

Effective onboarding and training are made possible by a quality LMS provider. The continuation of effective employee development and implementation of your organization’s culture is assessed and ensured with the right PMS platform.

This article will examine why both of these programs, together and separately, lead to a higher quality organization in any biosciences industry.

 Top Reasons Why Any Biosciences Industry Needs a Quality LMS and PMS Platform

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance is often at the forefront of any biosciences organization, regardless of the sub-industry. How do LMS and PMS programs affect the regulatory compliance of any particular organization?


The right LMS platform will help implement the procedures organization industry-wide when it comes to regulatory compliance. Real-time updates allow these platforms to keep up with any changes made by regulatory agencies, avoiding any accidental infractions or issues.

Additionally, the agencies that monitor and audit regulatory compliance require proof of training and certification of these regulations. The right LMS program will easily document and provide proof of each individual employee’s certification and logged hours in regard to regulatory compliance training.

When audits are conducted, these records must be easily accessed. The last thing any biosciences organization wants is to be unable to provide proof of its regulatory training records.


How does a PMS platform help ensure efficient regulatory compliance after the implementation phase? Regular assessments conducted within every department are very telling regarding how employees handle their expected attention to regulation.

Maintaining a schedule of regular assessments will ensure that no employees are causing potential liability issues. Failure to adhere to regulatory compliance laws will lead to fines and other devastating sanctions against an organization.

Implementing Organizational Culture

The culture and overall theme of your organization are very important. Essentially, these elements combined create the brand and personality of any company. Having a uniform theme regarding the culture of your organization through your PMS and LMS platforms is crucial.


From the very start, the culture and overall expectations of your employees should be clear. This starts during the initial training process and continues into the official employee onboarding.

Crafting modules that are aimed specifically at the expectations of employees regarding conduct, attitude, and work ethics are one of the main benefits of having a quality LMS program.

The overall theme of the organization’s culture should remain uniform throughout the entire instruction period. Having the right LMS platform will also help your instructors to maintain the right voice that speaks directly from your organization’s mission statement.


The right PMS platform will ensure that veteran employees are continuing a theme of carrying the correct set of ethics and morals regarding your organization. Personality and other types of assessments can be a great way to ensure these habits are being maintained.

Additionally, using a PMS program to monitor the performance of your managers will ensure they are conducting themselves in a way that agrees with your brand’s culture.

Fast Changes in a Technological Industry

Biosciences is a fast-changing industry, with new information and methods being developed that improve the sector’s quality overall. This is possibly the area where a proper PMS and LMS program make the most substantial difference.


As we’ve discussed in previous articles, e-learning changes from minute to minute in the biosciences industry. Technology is leading to new breakthroughs and developments everywhere you look, and an organization’s e-learning program must keep up with these developments.

The right LMS platform will give instructors access to third-party platforms and resources that will allow them to update modules. Additionally, the ability to upload graphics and other files at any time allows instructors to maintain an interactive dynamic with students and employees.

Crafting custom courses based on changes to technology and the industry overall is important. Without the ability to develop custom courses, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with trends in these e-learning programs.


Current employees are expected to maintain a certain level of understanding when it comes to new processes and methods within the biosciences industry. Using a PMS to assess newly developed skills can be very telling in how well your employees are studying and digesting course information.

In industries like informatics, using a PMS program can also measure how well employees are using the resources provided to them to improve their departments. Management can also use PMS to engage current employees regarding any ideas or input they have to current policies and changes to a department.

In any organization, it’s vital that veteran (and new) employees feel that their opinions are taken into account. This is one of the best ways to maintain a positive employee attitude and uniform culture. Employees must feel that they play a vital role in daily operations in order to have their team rally behind your brand or company.


You must look at several factors to ensure your LMS and PMS programs are being implemented properly. Ask the following questions to gauge the overall effectiveness of these platforms.

  • How well do students and employees digest the course information?
  • Are they being encouraged to interact with the instructor and other students in the course?
  • Are your veteran employees implementing the things they’ve learned in their daily routines?
  • Are your employees making the most of their time?
  • Is everything running swimmingly regarding regulatory compliance?
  • Did your last regulatory compliance audit go off without a hitch?

Using these questions as a guideline is the most effective way to ensure you are getting your money’s worth out of your LMS and PMS platforms. If you answered negatively to any of them, you might need to consider using a different platform. At the minimum, an instructor from the specific platforms you are using should be brought in to help onboard employees adequately. Contact us today for a free consultation.