Change the Performance Management Paradigm

Developing every person within your organization requires more than conventional performance management metrics. eLeaP helps you go beyond to realize what’s truly possible to build teams that power your organization’s success. Use weekly status updates to chart a clear, consistent path forward. Set personalized goals for performance improvement. Easily conduct performance reviews, engage in check-ins and 1-on-1s, conduct surveys to glean critical insights, and more.

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Granular employee performance updates with Weekly Status

Empower your employees while making it easier for management to track projects and initiatives with detailed weekly status updates and reports. Our flexible platform delivers the adaptability and cloud-based connectivity today’s employees expect and deserve, as well as the stability and accessibility that organizations require. Tracking employee performance plans, accomplishments, challenges, OKRs, and other metrics has never been easier. Learn more about the Weekly Status Module.

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Comprehensive Performance Management System

Set customized goals that increase employee engagement and performance

Make sure that your people are on the same page by setting clear and understandable goals. eLeaP’s platform simplifies the goal-setting process, allowing you to update individuals, teams, and more. We also make it easy to track progress toward those goals and identify areas for improvement. Learn more about the Goals and OKRs Module.

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Goal Details - Planning

Customizable feedback cycles that work for your organization

Who says performance reviews must be time-consuming and dread-inducing? eLeaP makes things simple and painless. Create, conduct, and deliver any type of review, from project-based and one-off reviews to 360-degree reviews with just the click of a button. We also make it easy to pull together supporting details, like peer feedback and data from updates and pertinent goals so that reviews are as accurate as possible. Deliver reviews on any timeframe that works for your organization – annual, bi-annual, quarterly, or monthly. Learn more about the 360 Reviews Module.

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Flexible 1-on-1s, check-ins to move performance forward

Deliver the most effective check-ins, meetings, and 1-on-1s to keep employees engaged and focused on improving their performance, and address underlying issues quickly and easily. Your managers and team members will thank you for a people success platform that supports collaboration, and allows them to create customized action plans and notes, integrate meaningful goals, and measure progress over time. Learn more about the Check-ins and 1-on-1s Module.

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Surface critical insights to inform strategy

Create dynamic, compelling surveys calibrated to specific teams, job descriptions, or employee needs. eLeaP helps you surface important information like eNPS to integrate into performance strategies and more. We make it simpler to deliver continual performance management, scale performance-related efforts, and enhance one-on-ones, check-ins, and more to improve the employee experience while driving success for the organization. Learn more about the Surveys and Form Templates Module.


Empowering People, Supporting Teams

eLeaP believes in empowering your people and supporting organizations with various structures. Our flexible performance management platform is ideal for supporting teams and makes it simple to create a culture based on continual feedback and support, focused on growth and improvement for both employees and managers.

Creating a Culture of Collaboration

Performance management should be a two-way street. We make it easy for managers to provide feedback and guidance for employees, but we take it further. Our platform provides intuitive tools that empower employees to take ownership of their development while providing important feedback to managers to improve the organization.

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Customizable, Flexible, Powerful

Customize eLeaP’s unique performance management platform to your brand’s needs and goals.

Proactive personal checkup

With PulsePoint, users can easily access their daily checkups to rate their productivity and share their sentiments, all in a user-friendly environment. Engaging and fun, it’s more than just a tool; it’s a conversation starter. Learn more about the PulsePoint Module.

Build a Culture of Learning

Empower your teams to take control of their own development and help them progress in their careers while fostering a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration by levering the power of the eLeaP Learning System.

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