Employee evaluations can often feel like a landmine for business owners, especially those who want to develop a supportive workplace. Employee evaluation comments can be excellent motivators that strengthen performance and employee satisfaction.

Imagine the scenario from your employee’s perspective. As the evaluation gets nearer, they anticipate one of two scenarios: either they’ll receive supportive and encouraging employee evaluation comments, or they’ll be faced with a review that shakes their confidence and enjoyment of their job.

If you want to ensure that the situation remains positive and motivating, consider a few things about performance evaluations.

Don’t Wait for Review Time

You don’t have to wait for an official annual review to give employee evaluations. Comments can be provided at any time, and it’s better to communicate often. Positive comments throughout the week can bolster employee confidence, leading them to put in better, more confident efforts. Making simple corrections and suggestions when minor problems arise can help prevent more significant issues in the future.

Using these ongoing evaluations can also make an official review far less stressful because both you and the employee are used to giving and receiving this type of communication.

Understand Your Goals with Employee Evaluation Comments

It’s also important to understand why you want to give your employees evaluations in the first place. Most employers accomplish three things with evaluations:

Does Employer Feedback Really Matter?

You may be asking yourself if your employees will care about the comments you give or if they will be brushed off. The data shows that overwhelmingly, employer feedback truly does matter. A Gallup survey showed that regular communication about employee performance is directly connected to how engaged an employee is in their role. The survey even specified that the more frequent the communication was, the better the employees felt overall about their jobs.

How to Write Better Employee Evaluation Comments

There are three main things to consider for writing great evaluation comments:

Specific Skills to Mention in Evaluations

When crafting your employee evaluation comments, there are several critical workplace skills to consider mentioning. These skills are vital for almost any type of workplace:

Alternatively, these may be areas where you need to encourage your employee to improve. Consider comments such as:

These comments are straightforward and directly connect to a specific workplace skill that can be improved upon.

Don’t Forget About Soft Skills!

Don’t forget to comment on overlooked skills, such as employee attitude or regular attendance. Positive comments for evaluations in this area could be:

Alternatively, you may need to encourage improvement in these areas:

Again, communicating with clarity and specific examples makes all the difference.

Giving Great Employee Evaluations

The best time to start giving employee evaluation comments is today. Consider your goals with these comments, and think in terms of clear, actionable feedback. What can you say to your employees to help boost their confidence and point them down a path that improves their weaknesses?

Remember, these evaluation comments aren’t designed to turn your team into the perfect working machine; instead, your goal should be to increase the strengths of each person in order to fill in the weaknesses of other team members. With plenty of practice, you will be able to inspire action through these comments.