If you read our Skeptic’s Guide to LMS, then you understand the point of our Skeptic’s series of publications. If you have not yet read that guide, a brief introduction is necessary. Why create something like this? It’s simple enough – our goal is to highlight the need for employee development, but also the benefits to be reaped by investing the time and money necessary to build up your employees.

Entire libraries have been written over performance management and how to get the utmost out of everyone on your team. However, comparatively little has been said about the single most effective way to improve performance: giving your employees the skills they need to thrive. That is the purpose of this guide.

In this guide, we will highlight what employee development is, why it is important, what you can achieve by going this route, and more. We’ll also address what you cannot achieve through development alone. Ultimately, we hope to provide a “big picture” look and ensure that you’re able to not just create a development strategy, but go into the process with realistic expectations.