Intuitive, Easy-to-Use People Success Platform

Designed to deliver value for any organization

The eLeaP people success platform incorporates agile performance management with goal alignment and comprehensive surveys including eNPS for maximum engagement, as well as 1-on-1s, check-ins, PulsePoint and weekly task tracking. This comprehensive, customizable solution is for organizations of any size and takes just minutes to get up and running. Team members can conduct performance reviews in minutes. Round all of this out with one of the most powerful but easy-to-use learning management systems to ensure your team has the tools and resources they need to succeed.

Employee-Focused Performance Management

Say goodbye to ineffective performance management solutions and hello to a flexible, innovative platform that puts employee development and growth first. eLeaP offers a stress-free path to build stronger employees, upskill teams, and create a stronger organization that can compete in today’s world.

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Enterprise Dashboard

Spark Engagement and Connection

eLeaP’s unique platform does more than enhance performance management efforts. It’s purpose-built to spark engagement with your employees and bring them into the conversation. We help you learn what engagement metrics matter most to each employee, deliver critical insights, and more.

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  • Performance Management Dashboard - Accomplishments
  • Performance Management Dashboard - Completion Rate
  • Performance Management Dashboard - Happiness

Enhance Organization/Employee Alignment

How aligned are your people with organizational goals? Are they even close? eLeaP delivers critical capabilities, allowing you to connect the dots and bring departments, teams, and individual employees into direct alignment to achieve measurable, meaningful success.

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Laser-Focused Accuracy

Are your performance management efforts diffused and ineffective? eLeaP’s unique platform is designed to help your managers focus on the most critical elements, from communication to OKRs, empowered with important insights gleaned through surveys, one-on-ones, and so much more.

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  • Company Progress Dashboard
  • User Summary Dashboard

Empower Your Teams through Personalized Development Solutions

Performance management is all about helping your people develop and grow. eLeaP delivers the tools and systems you need to create customized development plans, measure employee progress, boost engagement, and create meaningful changes in performance, all in one cloud-based location.

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  • Leadership and Management

    161 courses

  • Organizational Values

    81 courses

  • Performance Management

    15 courses

  • Teamwork

    87 courses

You’re the center of our values of simplicity, innovation and trust

The eLeaP people success platform offers a flexible, centralized, customizable solution for improving employee performance. Our intuitive design, ease-of-use, and adaptable design mean it can be up and running in mere minutes, no special training required!

Maximize Employee Performance for Meaningful Improvement

For any organization to be successful and compete within its industry, employees must perform at their peak. However, managing performance is often easier said than done. eLeaP’s flexible people success platform offers a dynamic solution to boost engagement, improve performance, and measure results, all while building a more cohesive team. Anyone can easily perform a performance review in minutes.

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